ThemesRomantic reception



Soft pinks and rose petals, violins and candlelight. The room is adorned with beautiful trellis, entwined with soft pink fabric, hand-picked roses and twinkling lights.
Each table is covered in two-coloured pink organza, with petals strewn amongst the floating candles.



Moulin rouge reception


Moulin Rouge

Deep burgundy crushed velvet cloths, huge candles dripping with jewels, each table set against a backdrop of luxurious curtains, dresses with bustles and men with silver topped canes.



Hollywood reception



Gold candelabra twinkle against the star clothed walls. Gold tablecloths with black slip covers sprinkled with tiny golden stars, matching golden chairs with beautiful black side bows. The stage has two silhouettes of today's most famous stars – you and your h2b, flanking a beautiful backdrop – a collage of pictures of your nearest and dearest.


Tropical flowers


Tropical Summer

Mangoes, fruit cocktails and the steely sounds of the Caribbean bring to life this colourful day. Set amongst palm trees and beautiful parrots on perches, guests eat under palm trees, desserts from banana boats and skewers filled with tropical fruits.




Winter Wedding


Winter Wonderland

The ice bar glistens as gentle snow floats slowly to the ground. Each table glimmers in icy blues, huge vases glow brightly through ice, as do the majestic, sparkling birch trees.




oriental theme



Reds and golds, a pathway of cobbled stones and water features, with a good luck fountain to send wishes to the happy couple. The gong sounds as the guests enter, tatami screens are lit from behind, interspersed with traditional luck symbols. The tables are stark white with black square plates and black napkins and the centre piece is a magnificent bonsai tree. As guests leave, they are driven by rickshaws and fortune cookies are handed to them by their coolly clad driver.



Arabian themed reception

Arabian Nights

Spice and smells of the bazaar, with welcoming Caftan-costumed waiters who offer mint tea or champagne from brass trays. The seating is low; large cushions and stools lay on traditional Persian rugs. Tagine dishes, with each of the guests’ names detailed in gold, hold delicate morsels of a wonderful mezze. Stretches of soft fabrics line the room and drape softly amongst flowing chiffons. Huge wooden tables make space for large groups, and hubbly bubblies are circulated with Turkish delight during the speeches.

Country themed reception




Summer wines, white china and fun fairground games for all the family, Jazz band and twenties dresses, with white marquees and champagne on ice. White dressed seats, beautiful woven wicker baskets in the table centres overflowing with fruit and nuts. Caricaturists capture the moment of this beautiful day.



Scottish wonderland



A lone piper welcomes guests down the winding drive, lit by flaming torches. Men in armour, huge candelabra and heraldic pennants set the scene. The huge oak table is laid with pewter plates, earthenware bowls and beautiful goblets. Wine-coloured runners and 3ft candelabra dressed in velvet and heather sit all the way along it. The bride and groom sit at the end on majestic thrones.