Your Wedding Day

It is important that your wedding day reflects you as a couple, so if you are happy to follow tradition then fine, but you don't have to.

There is a such a huge variety of wedding venues becoming more and more popular rather than the 'standard' two main options of a church and reception or registry office and reception on offer 30 years ago. Different venues therefore give so much scope for 'designing' a wedding day that is unique to you.

A more traditional 'order' of the day could go as follows:

12.30: Guests, Groom and Ushers Arrive

Twinkling candles adorn the church13.00: Bridal party arrives, service commences

14.00: Photographs outside church

14.30: Travel to reception venue

15.00: Photographs, while guests enjoy drinks and canapes

16.00: Receiving line into wedding breakfast

17.30: Speeches

18.30: Evening guests arrrive

19.30: Cutting of cake

20.00: First Dance, continuing to disco/evening entertainment

21.30: Evening buffet followed by dancing/more entertainment

00.00: Bride and Groom leave

Couples wishing to marry in church will need an Order of Service as well. This tells guests which hymns and readings will be included in the ceremony. An 'Order of the Day' is more commonly used for civil ceremonies but can also be used for religious ceremonies, it will advise your guests as to the day’s proceedings. The times of your Order of the Day don’t have to be set in stone, but just having one enables your Wedding Day to flow much more smoothly.